Electrical equipment of any vehicle includes a generator – a device that converts mechanical energy from the engine into electricity. Together with the voltage regulator it is called the generating set. On modern cars alternators are installed. They are best suited to the requirements.



Requirements for the generator:

  • the output parameters of the generator must be such that under all driving conditions the progressive depletion of the battery did not occur;
  • voltage on-board network fed by a generator must be stable in a wide range of speeds and loads.
  • The latter requirement is because the battery is very sensitive to the degree of voltage stability. Too low voltage causes undercharged battery and the resulting is difficulty in starting the engine, too high voltage leads to the battery overcharge and its accelerated exit out of operation.

The principle of operation of the generator and its principal structural unit are the same for all vehicles, differ only in the manufacture of quality, size and location of connecting nodes.