Musson Media Consulting has a mission, and that is:

1.  To Deliver our clients highly targeted inbound prospects that convert to leads and/or customers

2.  To significantly increase your demographic specific web traffic through content development

3.  To be the driving force & nucleus behind each individual clients market domination and authority

4. Foster long term, trusting relationships with our clients, one client, one market at a time!

We are a boutique style SEO firm that is the perfect fit for those business owners that share the same passion for customer centric operations, highly clever marketing campaigns that transcend beyond traditional marketing tactics, and know what they want from their business, their life, and their most valuable business asset, their customer. The Musson Media team works very closely with it’s clients to truly understand your local market challenges, your target customer, pockets of opportunity not being pursued by competition, and most importantly, we learn everything about your competition possible to leverage any perceived or known strengths in our clients favor. MMC takes great pride in our consistent ability to outperform, outsmart, outrank, and dominate any market we enter, whether hyper local, local, or national, there has not been one keyword term up until this point we have not gone after and ranked, nor have a single client ever experienced a penalty or deindex due to our best practices and sound techniques. MMC’s packages are highly custom to your market, niche/sub-niche, and level of competition. Clients looking for a “one size fits all solution” in SEO will not find it here.

How we do it, well that’s our years of trial and error, practical application, and tons of studying the search engine algorithm’s.  It all starts with the geeky passion for search engine optimization and what it takes to effectively drive traffic, dump them into a funnel, and direct them to a goal.  Through intricate weaving of on and Off page SEO, conversion focused search optimized design, Social Media Marketing, and dynamic web optimized content strategy and production are we able to produce front page results to your targeted audience.  The Musson Media mission is my American dream realized!  Four years ago, if you told me I’d be a complete SEO nerd with a passion for internet marketing and the psychology of what makes people buy, click, call, and share, I would have laughed you out of the room!

About The Owner

Tyler Musson, Founder, Musson Media Consulting

With a background as a former USMC Scout/Sniper team leader, a veteran Senior project manager & consultant to the wireless industry, and all around humble guy, Tyler is no stranger to adversity or hard work. Tyler founded Musson Media Consulting in 2008 after being laid off from a telecommunications job in Phoenix, AZ. Like many experienced between 2008 and current times, Tyler was faced with an opportunity to do what I really wanted despite the circumstances.

“That was it!, no more, I was going to do what I loved, what I had been studying and applying, and what always interested me the most while running my other businesses, marketing!”

If you told me one day I’d be fist bumping my employee’s when we hit a first page ranking, well, I’m laughing just writing about it!  SEO definitely gets in your blood and you want a team that lives and breathes this stuff if you want to dominate your competition consistently.

Musson Media is made up of 10 team members to include SEO copy writer’s, link builders, article writer’s, press release writers, SEO analyst, Social Media expert’s, sales, graphic designer, web designer’s, video production and distribution, web programmer’s, and mobile app developer’s.   With each member having their own specialty we are able to craft your project like an assembly line meticulously making sure your site is built on the right framework and market intelligence before a single crawler reaches your site.  Think of it as having a website with a high performance engine under the hood designed to attract search engine visitors and convert them into new customer’s.

Sound like a good fit? Next step, call us for a free 20 minute consultation or website and competition analysis please call our office or fill out our contact form today!