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For small business owners who rely on local clientele for their success, Seattle search engine optimization, or Seattle SEO, is crucial for websites in order for them to effectively generate local traffic.  Basic search engine optimization involves researching and identifying the keywords that your market uses to search for the kinds of products and services you sell.  The next step is to integrate the keywords into the content, images and videos on your site in order to attract search visitors. The keywords must also be used on other websites in links that direct visitors to your site.

Don’t worry if it sounds complicated and confusing.  The Musson Media Consulting team has in depth knowledge and experience with search engine optimization that you can rely on.  They’ve spent years developing their SEO expertise so that you don’t have to!

Seattle Search Marketing

There’s no doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to drive free, organic, long term traffic to websites.  But the internet is a global marketplace, and if your service-based business is located in Seattle, it does little good to attract buyers who live in London or Singapore and have no plans to travel.  If shipping your products across the globe is not part of your business plan, then buyers who live in Brazil are not who you want to target with your marketing campaigns.

If those scenarios describe your small business, then you need a search engine optimization expert who specializes in Seattle SEO.

Choose a Seattle SEO Consultant

The Musson Media Consulting team knows how to properly geo target your small business website to attract Seattle clientele.  Since the Musson team is located in Seattle, they’re familiar with the neighborhoods, businesses, landmarks attractions and keywords that local people use when they’re searching online.

Is your business located near the route of The Bungalow Fair, near Pier 91 or in the Orcas Business Park?  Is it located near Safeco Field, the Pike Market or near Waterfront Park?  Local customers often include those kinds of details in their searches, and if your business website is optimized for them, it will show up in their results when they search for your service or products online.

The Seattle SEO consultants on the Musson team know how to integrate their knowledge of general search engine optimization with their expertise in Seattle search marketing so that your website will get results.

Local Domination Package!

Seattle SEO-Seattle search engine optimization-SEO Seattle

Musson Media Consulting offer’s unique “Local Domination Packages” where we only work with ONE business PER CITY! This is our flagship product and service that we are very proud of. Imagine completely dominating your competition within your city or neighborhood and what that can do for your business and your life. We only work with one business with this package as it is truly an opportunity to become the local expert in your area, herding hungry customers ready to buy your product to your website month after month until you beg us to shut it off!

Our local domination package combines video marketing, SEO, SEM, Article marketing and distribution, multiple web 2.0 properties, Social Media Marketing and management, keyword analysis, on page optimization, off page optimization, social bookmarking, email marketing, Social Media Branding, Press Release writing and distribution, and many other White hat secret weapons we have in our arsenal!

To find out if your business type is available in your city or neighborhood for our local domination package please fill out the following form below and a representative will get back to you within 24 hrs.