Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Seattle SEO-Social Media Marketing-facebook-twitter-linkedinIf you thought Social Media Marketing was just for fun, you could be missing out on a powerful opportunity for promoting your small business.  While the rumors are true that social media can Twitter away your entire day, its also true that when used strategically, sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn can boost traffic to your small business at very little cost compared with the cost of getting the same results using traditional media like radio, TV, newspaper or Yellow Pages ads.

Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Channels

For a small business, advertising using traditional media easily can cost thousands of dollars each year, without the benefit of being able to target your market.  When you pay for an ad in the local newspaper, you pay for it to be delivered to all readers, whether they are actually good prospects for your service or not.  Sure, your ad may reach tens of thousands of local readers, but if none of them are in the market for your service, you won’t see any results.

But Social Media Marketing allows for you to focus your marketing resources on your most likely prospects.  That means you’re not wasting time or money on people who are not receptive to your message.  Social Media is also unparalleled at creating brand identity and familiarity – the foundation of the ‘Know, Like and Trust” trio that is the basis for turning prospects into customers and clients.

Social Media and the Know, Like & Trust Factors

Knowing which Social Media sites to focus on so that prospects get to know your brand, knowing how to participate in the most effective manner to minimize time costs, maximize benefits and give prospects reasons to like you, and knowing how to engage with prospects so they feel comfortable enough to trust you with their business is exactly the kind of expertise that Musson Media Consulting provides to its clients.

It requires a skillful touch to navigate Social Media so that your customers get to know, like and trust your company.  If you use the same ‘push-marketing’ tactics that work with newspaper or radio advertising, it can backfire on you.  At Musson Media, we understand the difference, and can help you reap the benefits from interacting with your customers that Social Media offers.

The Top Social Media Sites

Although there are dozens of great social media sites to choose from (like StumbleUpon, Friendster and Digg), they’re not all equal when it comes to being able to produce profitable results for your business, so it’s important to choose carefully when setting up a business profile.

Musson Media Consulting will create professional profiles and pages for your business on the top Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Since 2009, each of those sites has become large enough that it generates its own internal search traffic, and Musson Media will help you set up your company’s virtual presence so that your brand will become known, liked and trusted within the communities.

And just as important, because we monitor trends, we’ll be able to alert you when the next new Social Marketing giant emerges.  Not all Social Marketing sites are worth your time and resources, but it’s important to know which ones are.  And we’ll take care of that for you.

Seattle SEO-Social Media Marketing

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