Seattle Video Marketing for Small Business

A Massive Online Audience for Video Marketing

Seattle video marketing-online video marketing

Do small businesses need video marketing?  Absolutely…that is, if you’re interested in tapping into a huge demographic of almost 144 million people.  According to — the same people who bring us the famous Nielsen ratings for American TV shows — about 72% of all internet users watch videos online. (Source:

What’s even more interesting is partly to the fact that online video is still somewhat of a novelty compared with TV, and because online viewers have more control of whether they watch the ad or not.  Since they’re in control of the mouse, if they’re watching the video it’s because they want to, so they pay more attention to it.

This has an important impact for small business marketing, especially since the cost of producing video for the internet is so inexpensive and affordable compared with producing video for TV.

Video Marketing is Accessible for Small Business

Thanks to free online video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video combined with camera technology so accessible that almost every cell phone can produce video, consumers now willingly embrace a wide range of production quality.  Before the internet, movies and video required expensive equipment and crews to produce.  But now that your 6th grade son, daughter or neighbor can shoot and upload video within minutes after coming home from school, the medium has truly become accessible to anyone.  So there’s really no reason not to include video in every small business marketing budget.

True, as a small business owner, you want a professional quality video that effectively promotes your business, not one that shows a pet cat dressed up in a costume.  Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to produce online video that doesn’t require hiring professional actors or renting expensive post production equipment.  (Of course, if you prefer that option, Musson Media Consulting can help you manage that project, too.)

Seattle video marketing-video marketing

Integrating Video Marketing Into Small Business Marketing Plans

Musson Media Consulting can easily integrate video marketing into your marketing plan.  The Musson team knows how to produce cost effective promotional videos that will be customized to your business and to convey your marketing message.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The Musson team will also handle all of the technical details that need to be addressed so that your video can be viewed online and discovered by interested searchers.  From scripting and producing your customized marketing video, optimizing it for search engines, uploading it to your website and distributing it to video sharing sites for maximum reach, the Musson team will ensure that your company gets its targeted share of those 144 million online video viewers.

We currently have multiple video marketing packages available on a monthly basis.  Whether you’re looking to produce professional videos in a studio or small online infomercials via slideshows and power point presentations, Musson Media has solutions to match almost all business owner’s budgets!

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