How Can Seattle Web Design + SEO Help Your Small Business?

High converting, SEO optimized, and user-friendly web design is an opportunity to build your brand and connect with your market on many different levels.  And it includes more than just the graphics or logos that appear on your website.   Really, it influences the overall experience that your site visitors have, and it’s how they’ll create their first impression of what it will be like to do business with you.

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The days are long past when people would visit a website and be impressed just because web pages were such a novelty.  According to a 2010 User View Wave VII report by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, more than 90% of consumers search online before going shopping in their local community, so having a business website is essential.

But what do your visitors find when they reach your business website?  Do they want to explore further, or are they put off by blaring music or slow-loading multi-media displays?  How easily can they find what they’re looking for?  Is the navigation logical and easy to find?  Do the category titles clearly direct people to the topics they’re searching for?

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The Musson Media Consulting team knows which web design elements to include in order to attract customers, and which to leave out because they distract and drive visitors away.  For example, is there so little contrast between the text and the background color that it’s hard to read?  Does your market prefer to get its information via text or video or audio, or does it want a mix of media?  Does your market respond to humor, or would people in your niche be offended by it? Does your market need to be educated about why they need your service, or do they just need to know why they can trust you?

A Short Video Highlighting Web Design and Search Results Heat Maps

Unfortunately, most small business owners or web designers for that matter do not understand the psychology of the searcher and the click behavior due to properly designed web interfaces.  In the video below you can see some examples of eye tracking and heat maps within search results as well as websites:

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If you have an existing website that’s not performing the way you’d like, the Musson Seattle Web Design team can perform an analysis and fine tune it so that it generates traffic and leads.  If you’re just launching your first business website, Musson Media Consulting will work with you to develop a site that is a custom fit with your marketing plan.

Seattle Web Design Services for Small Business

By knowing the right answers to little questions like these that other web designers ignore, Musson Media will create a business website that promotes your brand and makes it easy for your customers to learn about your business.  After all, your website is an extension of your business.  And it should make people feel comfortable doing business with you.

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Seattle Web Design together with Seattle SEO

More often than not you will run into 2 categories when searching for web development. SEO and web design. Both are critically essential to your success online! Being a Seattle SEO expert we may be a little biased but let’s face it, the most beautiful, high converting website in the world will make no money if it cannot be found! Too many times do we hear the story of a client that spends $20,000+ on a beautiful website but cannot figure out why it has not brought more customers to their doorstep. If you are a Seattle Chiropractor and we place a beautiful billboard out in the middle of the Nevada desert to promote your chiropractic services do you think you would get much of a return on your investment from that billboard? We think not! Musson Media specializes in placing your high performance, high converting, “billboard” right in your own local business area specifically targeting the people searching for your service!

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